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Keputusan Terkini (8:45pm). P127, Jempol - PR Menang., majority 5354. - P.130, Rasah - PR Menang, majority 20031.

How may you help us?
- Constituency Work
eg: to assist DAP members of Parliament or State Assemblypersons in their constituency works emending the constituency offices, attend to constituents complaints, go round visiting the people, etc.

- Election
eg: Polling agent, counting agent, postering, etc.

- Finance
Personal donation, organise fund raising functions, etc.

- Organising
eg: organise forums, talks, gatherings, dinners, chat sessions etc involving DAP leaders/speakers; set up local network to assist the party during emergency ie elections, special campaigns, etc.

- Publicity
eg: distribute pamphlets, design publicity materials, organise cyber-discussion, act as whistle blowers for the DAP on various problems and mismanagement issues in your area, etc.

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* Sila hubungi urus setia Pakatan Rakyat di nombor talian : 06-6311881

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