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Euro 2012 – Quarterfinals and Day 12 Wrap Up (Updates)

Published on June 20, 2012 by in His Football


Day 12 Thoughts:  Roy Hodgson claims that England performance in Euro 2012 so far exceeded his expectations, i have to say it exceeded mine too, by a long way. I had predicted them to finish last in group with 3 draws. They managed to come up with 2 wins and a draw and finish top of the group. Most importantly, they avoid Spain in the quarterfinal. Rooney scored an opportunistic poacher goal after another feed by Steven Gerrard. I believe Gerrard now leads the assists in Euro 2012.

Sweden hands France their first loss in the tournament and the swedes deserve a win. They were close in all 2 of their previous games, each time losing after they have taken the lead. Too bad the win will only serves them as a consolation and they will now watch the remaining games with their feet up like the rest of us.

The final standing of group D is:

  1. England – 7 pts
  2. France – 4 pts
  3. Sweden- 3 pts
  4. Ukraine – 3 pts


Euro 2012 Quarterfinals


Czech Republic vs Portugal

Predictions :  Portugal Through


Germany vs Greece

Predictions :  Germany Through


Spain vs France

Predictions :  France Through


England vs Italy

Predictions :  England Through




Euro 2012 Quarterfinal Actual Results


Quarterfinal 1 : Czech 0-1 Portugal

Quarterfinal 2 : Greence 2-4 Germany

Quarterfinal 3 : France 0-2 Spain

Quarterfinal 4 : Italy 0-0 England (Italy won 4-2 on Penalties)


My predictions record after Day 15 : Correct (12) – Wrong (16)

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