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Golden Egg Noodle, OUG.

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30 years ago, “Pan Mee” is considered a new type of dish and the “Pan Mee” hawkers usually needing to explain what it really was. I was also curious the first time i saw cut up flour pieces in a bowl of clear soup. Nowadays there seems to be so many different “Pan Mee” eating places and so many different ways you can eat “Pan Mee”. You have it with clear soup, herbal soup, curry, dry chilies, hokkien fried, “loh”, prawn soup, goreng mamak style and etc. The only way i have never seen is eating the cut up flour pieces raw!



Today we have lunch at Golden Egg Noodle house OUG branch. If i am not mistaken, i believe i have seen one at Puchong Jaya as well.



Hot Chilies Soup + Seaweed Pan Mee – Rm6.00. I ordered this and the chilies soup is potent! I choked on the first sip and needed a big gulp of iced tea to avoid disaster.



 Cendol – Rm4.90. Disappointing! I am not sure what they use but certainly it is not gula melaka.


The “Pan Mee” here is ok but nothing extraordinary. They have at least 12 different varieties of “Pan Mee” and 5 different flavours of the “Pan Mee” noodle itself; coriander, chilies, cabbage, seaweed and yam. You can order the flavoured “Pan Mee” noodle in place of the normal original one at only Rm0.50 extra. I tried the seaweed one but i couldn’t taste the difference to be honest, it is possible because my chilies soup is too overpowering.


Here’s a map to the place (green arrow). Enjoy!


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