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Euro 2012 – Day 10, Predictions (and aftermath)

Published on June 17, 2012 by in His Football


Day 9 Thoughts:  Wow, results yesterday turned Group A upside down. Two underdogs in the group went through after recording identical 1-0 wins and hot favourites Russia and co-hosts Poland were dumped out from the tournament. Russia continued their trend of fizzling out after a strong opening match in recent tournaments. I mentioned to someone that i was worried that Russia would get beat by Greece but still i couldn’t believe they are actually out of Euro 2012. The final standing of group A is:

  1. Czech – 6pts
  2. Greece – 4pts
  3. Russia – 4pts
  4. Poland – 2 pts.

Russia actually have better goal difference than Greece but they lose out because they lost to Greece in head to head match-up.

Ok, onwards to day 10 predictions.


Euro 2012, Day 10


Match 19:

Portugal vs Holland

Predictions : Holland Wins


Match 20:

Denmark vs Germany

Predictions : Germany Wins




Day 10 Update: Aftermath (Actual Results)


Match 19: Portugal 2-1 Holland

Match 20: Denmark 1-2 Germany


My predictions record after Day 10 : Correct (8) – Wrong (12)

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