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Euro 2012 – Day 9, Predictions (and aftermath)

Published on June 16, 2012 by in His Football


Day 8 Thoughts:  France showed their class and easily defeated joint-host Ukraine at their own turf. Although Ukraine created numerous chances but they failed to score while France took theirs with clinical fashion. Freak storm threatened to cause the abandonment of the game but after a 20 minutes suspension the weather was kind again to let the game progress.

In the other match, England beat Sweden in a thriller. Andy Carroll scored a nice header and Theo Walcott came in as a substitute and immediately sparked the english revival coming back from 1-2 down to win 3-2. Welbeck scored the winning goal with a “fluke” but who cares as long as it is legitimate.

Ok, onwards to day 9 predictions.


Euro 2012, Day 9


Match 17:

Czech Republic vs Poland

Predictions : Poland Wins


Match 18:

Greece vs Russia

Predictions : Russia Wins




Day 9 Update: Aftermath (Actual Results)


Match 17: Czech 1-0 Poland

Match 18: Greece 1-0 Russia


My predictions record after Day 9 : Correct (7) – Wrong (11)

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